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Mecelec Composites

Stand C17

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MECELEC COMPOSITE is specialized in drawing and industrialization of thermoplastic and composite parts for transport, railway, electrical, medical, military, aeronautic industries.
- 6 workstation SOLIDWORKS, mechanical/thermal calculation, FARO arm.
- 31 compression presses for SMC/BMC: 2500 tons of SMC (10 robots).
- 13 injection presses: 800 tons of whole thermoplastics.

Railtex Categorie Prodotti

  • Freight Vehicle Equipment and Components
  • Passenger Vehicle Equipment/Components
  • Seats/Seating Materials
  • Track Materials and Permanent Way Equipment
  • Composite Materials
  • GRP (Glass-Reinforced Plastic) Fixtures/Fittings

Mecelec Composites

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