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Pfisterer Ltd
United Kingdom

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PFISTERER offer innovative product solutions for High-Speed, Commuter and Light Rail OCS systems. Our in-house technology is developed for the production of safe and reliable materials and products.

PFISTERER offer connectors and systems for the electrification of railway lines:
Tensorex® C+ Tensioning Device
Catenary Fittings
Safety Equipment

Railtex Product Categories

  • Safety Equipment/Services
  • Electrification Equipment/Services
  • Switchgear Equipment
  • Trackside Power Supply Equipment
  • Connectors
  • Measuring Equipment

Pfisterer Ltd

Pfisterer Ltd

Pfisterer Ltd

Press Releases

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25th January 2019
PFISTERER Railway Infrastructure Solutions
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1st September 2018
PFISTERER Connect Magazine
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1st March 2017
RSC-T Connector
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Contact Details

Rob Renshaw
Pfisterer Ltd
2-4 Orgreave Place
S13 9LU

Tel: 0114 478 8500

Pfisterer Ltd

Pfisterer Ltd

Pfisterer Ltd

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