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Deutzer Technische Kohle GmbH - Measurement Services

Stand D84


Since 1993 DTK has performed more than 500 measurement services for over 100 public transport companies in 24 countries worldwide.
We provide:
• position, interaction and wear of overhead lines/3rd rails;
• contact wire profile
• track geometry
• rail wear
• light-room profile
• clearance gauge
• platform position
• passenger comfort
• special solutions
on customer’s own rolling

Railtex Product Categories

  • Infrastructure Services
  • Tunnel Maintenance
  • Condition Monitoring Systems
  • Inspection Services
  • Inspection Vehicles
  • Laser Systems/Equipment
  • Profile Measuring Equipment
  • Test and Monitoring Equipment
  • Track Recording/Monitoring Systems
  • Vibration Measurement/Control

Deutzer Technische Kohle GmbH - Measurement Services

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