What is the Digital Railway?

More passengers are using British railway than ever before By 2030, it is predicted that over one billion journeys will be made across the UK.

With this in mind, the UK’s rail industry needs a modern, cost effective and efficient solution to meet the future demands of passengers and a changing economy.

The Digital Railway is a project aimed at meeting these demands using digital technologies that will improve transport connections, increase capacity and safety, reduce delays and cut down costs.

Over the next few years, we are expected to see the following:

  • A European Train Control System (ETCS). This will allow trains to run closer together and travel at their best speeds while at safe braking distances.
  • Connected Driver Advisory Systems (CDAS) and Automatic Train Operation (ATO). This will support train drivers with decision making by giving them the information they need at the right time to boost performance and safety.
  • Traffic Management (TM). To maximise the performance of trains across the network, maximising the throughput that existing tracks can support and adapting in real-time in response to changing network conditions to aid rapid recovery.
  • Fixed Telecommunications Network  (FTN) and Global System for Mobile Communications-Railway (GSM-R). This will connect all these systems.
  • Working with stakeholders across the rail industry to increase capability and expertise.

For more on Digital Railway and our RIA Future Focus Conference for Railtex 2019, visit www.railtex.co.uk

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Posted by Railtex 2019 on April 29, 2019 8:39 am

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