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JST Transformateurs

Stand Q66

Company Profile

With CrossRail project, JST confirms its continuous pioneering spirit in designing and manufacturing traction transformers and inductors/reactors/chokes immersed in oil.
JST onboard for speed records: on French TGV (515.3kph / 320mph) and in South Korea (421.4kmh / 261mph). With its worldwide know-how, JST is your trusted partner: independent, reliable and efficient!

Product Categories

  • Power Transmission Systems for Vehicles
  • Traction and Power Control Equipment for Rail Vehicles
  • Electrification Equipment/Services
  • Trackside Power Supply Equipment
  • Traction/Rolling Stock Spares
  • Power Converters/Inverters
  • Training Services

Contact Details

84 Avenue Paul Santy
69008 Lyon

Tel: +33 (0)4 78 77 88 00

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