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KLS Europe - BSS Ltd

Stand V90

Company Profile

KLS has possibly the largest choice of interlocks in the world, either for rolling stock or fixed material. ISO9000 certified, EU produced and designed, we export all around the globe. We can produce special design also for small quantities and our service and support is multilingual. Ensure safe operation and maintenance with our robust and high quality locks.

Product Categories

  • On-Board Power Supply Equipment/Systems
  • Traction and Power Control Equipment for Rail Vehicles
  • Point Heating Control/Monitoring Equipment
  • Infrastructure Maintenance
  • Signalling Maintenance/Renewal
  • Safety Equipment/Services
  • Security Equipment/Services
  • Platform Doors
  • Electrification Equipment/Services
  • Switchgear Equipment

Contact Details

Ormana 68
8600 Yambol

Tel: +359 46 640 038

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