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LINSINGER Maschinenbau GmbH

Stand U11

Company Profile

LINSINGER an Austrian based manufacturer and world-wide supplier of Rail Milling and Grinding Technology as Stationary Rail Head Milling Machines and Mobile Rail Processing Vehicles for re-profiling of the complete rail head of new and used rails in single pass processing.

Rail Milling and Grinding Trains for highspeed railways, railways, city railways, tramways, subways or switches

Rail-Road Trucks for flexible operation

Stationary Machines for rail welding and repair centres

Product Categories

  • Rails
  • Track Materials and Permanent Way Equipment
  • Bridge Maintenance/Monitoring
  • Infrastructure Maintenance
  • Rope Access/Inspection/Maintenance
  • Track Maintenance Equipment, Materials and Services
  • Track Renewal Equipment
  • Tunnel Maintenance
  • Road-Rail Vehicles
  • Condition Monitoring Systems
  • Gauging Equipment
  • Inspection Services
  • Inspection Vehicles
  • Laser Systems/Equipment
  • Measuring Equipment
  • Profile Measuring Equipment
  • Test and Monitoring Equipment
  • Track Recording/Monitoring Systems

Contact Details

Dr. Linsinger Str. 23-24
4662 Steyrermuehl

Tel: +43 7613 8840

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