Railtex 2015

12th International Exhibition of Railway Equipment Systems & Services

Entering the Awards

To enter the Railtex Awards, please fill out the form below.

Please note: you are able to enter for more than one award or enter more products / services , however, each product/service can only be entered into one category and must be on a separate entry form.

The Railtex Awards Entry Form

Nomination Details

* Nominee Name
Job Title
* Email
* Phone
* Product or Service
* Company Name
* Street

* Award Category
If you are entering for a number of different awards please complete a separate entry form for each entry.

Please note the following awards are open to all exhibitors and will be judged at the show, so no entry form is required.

  • Newcomer to Railtex
  • Judges Choice
  • Best Space only stand
  • Best Shell scheme stand

Please describe your organisation’s commitment to the rail industry.
You are asked to start your application by setting the scene for the judges so they get a good understanding of the type of organisation you are and the products you offer the industry. Your answer should demonstrate your commitment to the rail industry. Outline any improvements you have made over the last 12 months and any future development plans that support your answer.

Words left:

Please describe the benefits that your product / service have brought (or will bring if a new product) to the industry.
Your answer should explain the business benefits of your product / service. Judges are looking for evidence of where your product/service has brought or will bring new benefits to the industry. Supporting evidence is a key element of your answer. You could supply comparative before and after performance measures (actual or projected) showing the impact and/or improvements. Tell the judges what success looks like for you.

Words left:

Please give examples (if any) of how the product/service has been used within the rail industry.
Judges are looking for excellent examples of how the product/service has been applied within the industry.

Words left:

Describe your reasons for nominating your company / product for this particular award. Be as detailed as possible.

Words left:

If you would like to submit images to support your application please email these to railtexawards@in2global.com stating your full name, your company name and which award category you have entered for.

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Railtex Awards

Railtex Awards

Railtex Awards

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